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What to do while waiting for a game to download

What to do while waiting for a game to

How do you guys pass the time? Gaming? Posting? Twiddling your thumbs? And as games get bigger, is Steam going to lose some of its. 17 Jul - 1 min - Uploaded by Michael pug This is what I do while I'm waiting for a game (mostly steam games) to download. How to. Go to school or work and do what you normally do there. When you get home, make sure that you do your homework, study or do what ever you need to do.

27 Jan 18 ways to kill time while waiting in line at a theme park Get your game plan down for what's next on your agenda like what ride is next. 30 Dec i still need to download 3 game because i got a new pc and i have no idea what to do while waiting. Last edited by Jewbacca; Dec 30, Waiting in traffic in a car or waiting in line, these simple games to play will help pass Challenge the kids to find out who can get the passengers in other cars to .

Do the wave Kids love it when other people return a gesture, so take advantage of this by playing the wave game. Together with your child, try and get a stranger . I can even attest to having bugged out some games because of it. . Loading rarely takes long enough to do anything, really, so I just wait for it or have a drink. Sometimes it takes quite awhile to wait for all players to load the I usually have my scribble book around and draw random stuff while waiting.



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