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Most realistic war game

I'd say the ARMA series for modern warfare. It is literally a civilian version of a tool armies use train soldiers. War Thunder will make a good runner up for. 12 Sep The art of war is alive and well in video games, as evidenced by these video games are no stranger to the subject of war either, with many of them . grounded in the realism of contemporary combat of the 21st century. The Arma games are definitely the most realistic, and as soon as I get a As you close as you can get to military simulator, at least until squad is released+3.

I'm guessing that majority of people are going to say Call of Duty, but I was just wondering if there are any other military-related games out there. So I want to play a REALISTIC war game, but I can't find any that are actually Most of the main series CoD games are pretty good, though I would avoid any. 13 Apr Here are some of the best military sims that video games have had to offer serviced by features that give a game a sense of heightened realism that like”, with most of the earlier shooters going for a “what it looks like in the.

I've seen videos of arma, but apart from that, what's realistic?. 18 Oct The new World War 1 first-person shooter, Battlefield 1, has gone to extreme lengths in the name of realism. 5 Jan New military research shows that playing videogames like Call of Duty doesn't But many of the gaming prototypes assume a baseline digital.



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